Kelly lynae robinson

She started this whole thing, and she is mostly to blame. Kelly is the founder and majority owner of KELLY LYNAE. She is also a songwriter, musician, and actress who has recently dabbled in watercolors.


justin ness

He’s a hulk with spreadsheets. Justin serves as account executive, project manager, blog writer, knowledge manager, and COO. Justin is a professional actor and musician.


nicole orabona

She’s a businesswoman, and she’s here on business. Nicole is an actor, collaborator, and cat lover who lives on a boat. Originally from Boise, Idaho she now resides in New York City. Nicole's passion for storytelling translates into her work with KELLY LYNAE where she loves finding and sharing the story of each client.

KL Team.png

ANTony Bolante

Antony Bolante is a writer and theater maker who believes a message without a story is like a can of beer without a koozie. Sure, it’s the same drink inside; but it’s not as fun, distinctive, or nice to hold. Tony wants to put your drink in a great koozie.


Arielle Yoder

Don’t look directly at her. Arielle is an actor, writer, and director based in New York City. Originally from Colorado, she's found a new home in KELLY LYNAE that fulfills her drive for creative work and deep personal connections to clients.


Jess Prichard

The hustle runs deep with this one. Jess grew up in Los Angeles and lives in New York. His work with KELLY LYNAE is part of a lifelong devotion to storytelling. He loves learning about clients and finding new ways to tell their story.

Kim Philley

Come sit in her story circle. Kim Philley is a poet, author, and journalist currently based in Boise, Idaho.