Based in Boise, Idaho, Kelly Lynae creates and performs music in the Northwest United States. She sings and plays ukulele, guitar, and tenor guitar. Her unexpected lyrics tell strange stories as her songs flit from whimsical poetry to bittersweet longing.


Kelly Lynae began songwriting at an early age. On her 17th birthday, her parents gave her a purple mahogany guitar, and at 21 she bought her first ukulele. Instruments, inspirations, and collaborations have come and gone, but her love of the song remains.


Kelly Lynae's poetry has twice been published in the regional literary journal, CIRQUE. Her song, "It's So Easy" won a 2015 Rockie Award for Elements of Advertising.


Kelly is often accompanied by her husband, Justin Ness, who is a star in his own right.

Photo by Abbi Page